Proposed changes to East Dulwich Grove junction with Dulwich Village, Village Way and Red Post Hill

The following message has been sent to the Mayor of London, Cllr James McAsh (Southwark Council Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency, Clean Air & Streets) and Cllr Kieron Williams (Leader of Southwark Council).

Dear Mayor, James and Kieron

The Dulwich Village Residents’ Association Committee is concerned that removing the pedestrian reservation on East Dulwich Grove, at the junction with Red Post Hill, Village Way and Dulwich Village, will pose a danger to pedestrians. We call upon TfL and Southwark Council to rethink their plans to remove this pedestrian refuge to ensure that all pedestrians, especially the thousands of children who attend the schools in the area, will be safe when crossing the junction. We query whether a thorough pedestrian count has been carried out at this junction, extending from early morning until after school roll calls. There is a ‘lollipop’ man attending at school times which shows the importance of safety at this crossing.

We’ve been told by officials that the traffic lights will have a longer green pedestrian light with descending timer, but this means that there may be a longer green light for traffic and jaywalking may therefore increase. We’ve been contacted by several residents concerned that the temptations of crossing the road outside of the pedestrian green light, to catch a train for example, will still be there as they are today. One wrote: “The wait for pedestrians is really long (at present). You can cross half way on the filter or when the lane is clear, then do the same on the other half. If this goes through, you’ll have to wait for the entire light cycle.” This does actually mean far more waiting for pedestrians and the risk of people taking a chance to get across in a lull in the traffic. This is an extremely worrying thought, especially with the long hours these lights are so busy.
Our only priority is the safety of all pedestrians who use this crossing which is why we urge TfL and Southwark Council to urgently rethink their plans.
Signed Bridget Furst, Chair of the Dulwich Village, College Road, Woodyard Lane Residents’ Association, and affiliated members from Pickwick Road, Aysgarth Road and Boxall Road.


  1. I support the pedestrian refuge as it is.
    There are other suggestions in London with a diagonal pedestrian crossings that seem to be able to calm down the most harassed drivers and improve pedestrian crossing. Examples? Victoria Street /Buckingham Gate or Sloane Square. Regards. Clara

  2. A lot of residents had previously complained that the current arrangements at the junction, where there is no right filter lane for traffic turning onto East Dulwich Grove, are a major cause of traffic tailbacks through the village. Pedestrian safety is a very valid concern, but we should also recognise that these plans actively address the concerns of others about the traffic build up. It seems the council have sought to mitigate pedestrian safety concerns by extending the time and by installing a count down timer which should allow pedestrians to cross the junction safely. I’m afraid I don’t agree that the council should be amending plans to address concerns of people not willing to wait for a green light to cross safely when this proposal should deliver very tangible benefits for queuing traffic.

    1. Hi Ben
      The removal of the EDG pedestrian refuge has been flagged by our councillors as a concern. Of course sensible people wait for pedestrian lights but any commuter late for a train, or a school student late for roll call, could have a moment of madness and go for it. Even while I was there taking photos for my letter, someone jumped the light. So I’m afraid I strongly disagree with you. It isn’t good enough to essentially say ‘serve you right’ if someone is hit.
      Incidentally, the EDG junction going towards HML will not make any difference to the junction we are all concerned about, on DV.

  3. Hi,
    Could anyone help identify the origin of paperwork on our cars in Pickwick Road suggesting there a war in progress in Dulwich against residents,.
    I would appreciate knowing the source and funding of these mischievous notes?

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