Cycle Lane at the Junction of Dulwich Village and East Dulwich Grove

The short cycle lane on Dulwich Village at the junction with East Dulwich Grove continues to cause long queues of stationary traffic on a daily basis. As residents who live between this dreadful junction and Turney Road, we have had to endure the noise, fumes and pure inconvenience of it all for far too long.

We believe that it is now time to campaign to close the cycle lane altogether or to move it on to the grass to the left of the road by the traffic lights – owned by The Dulwich Estate.

Can you please answer the two questions below so that we can gauge the level of support for a campaign?

Thank you.

Richard Cail - Dulwich Village RA Committee Member





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  1. I hope you can engage the councillors to support this as they are well aware of the nuisance this causes residents- not only in terms of access to homes at certain times of the day, but the pollution issue for residents and children at the four school buildings directly affected.

  2. From the viewpoint of a serious commuting cyclist, I can say that these “mini cycle lanes” are of negligible use. They just fill up with leaves and detritus because they are cleaned neither by street cleaning nor by the tyres of cars. They arew puncture traps. I suspect their purpose is far more to create deliberate vehicle (& P4) congestion than it is to encourage cycling.

    1. 100% agree. I cycle commute daily and this time of year actively avoid using the lane as it’s a danger zone of leaf slippage and puncture danger. It’s solving a problem that didn’t exist as there was never an issue cycling across the junction before the lane was installed.

    2. The cycle lane at this point is a huge hazard I can say as both a cyclist and a driver. It causes such tail backs as straight ahead traffic sits behind all the traffic turning right from the Village. That is significant since Calton Ave was closed to vehicles and is now a huge cycle lane. Hence this junction cycle lane serves no purpose but increases pollution significantly

    3. Completely agree with these comments. I cycle to work every day of the week and use this cycle lane. It’s barely used (even at peak times) and completely unnecessary. Frankly, all these mini cycle lanes have done is create frustrated and impatient drivers. Cycling requires extra care these days.

  3. Two lanes for traffic are mandatory at this junction as traffic turning right brings the junction to a standstill with accompanying fumes etc. The cycle lane is rarely used as it is unsafe and should be moved.

  4. Ive already filled this in. What is going on. The cycle lane is unsafe and not used. It should be moved and 2 lanes for traffic reinstated. One for turning right and one for straight on.

  5. Unsafe lane and blocks traffic and adds seriously to pollution. This should be removed.

  6. As a cyclist and a driver – this cycle lane serves no useful purpose and merely contributes to the congestion at that junction. It was never a problem cycling across that junction before!

  7. The pollution caused by the stationary traffic along DV as a result of the cycle lane. is awful. It’s become a critical situation which must be resolved as soon as possible. If these LTN measures are supposed to create a healthier environment they have failed miserably

  8. The biggest problem at this junction is the timed closure. Sure, the cycle lane issue could be resolved, but there’s an elephant in the room if we want to resolve congestion and pollution.

    1. …by which I mean both the timed closures and the permanent closures. All traffic is now being channelled through a small number of roads with no contingency for any disruption or changes in traffic levels.

  9. The number of cyclists using this cycle lane is minimal but the detrimental affect on the traffic and pollution in The village warrants it being scrapped .

  10. As an occasional cyclist I can say that I never use this cycle lane as it is dangerous. It is full of rubbish and leaves and seems never to be cleaned. It causes huge traffic jams at the junction with frequest tailbacks to the crossroads in the centre of Dulwich Village. It causes lots of pollution for the nearby residents and schools.

  11. There were never two motor traffic lanes here – there has always been a cycle lane. but presumably people used to drive in it. Which is why bollards were added.

    Rather than removing the protection for people cycling, would it not be more sensible to ask for the southbound lane to be narrowed?

  12. I’m sure the junction could be redesigned, or timings changed. I’m not sure getting rid of the cycle lane would make much of a difference. And as an occasional cyclist, it’ does a good job at protecting cycles from the traffic.

  13. Cycle lanes seem to be allocated and designed by people who have never ridden a bicycle. Lanes should be either properly marked with different colour tarmac (not the silly wands which don’t last long) or not put there at all.

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