Events in the Dulwich Village Streets for People Scheme

Please see below a consultation letter from Southwark Council regarding events in the Dulwich Village Streets for People Scheme: Calton Avenue area.

Calton Avenue

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  1. It is for those who live in close proximity to the area to judge the direct impact of any proposed events but as my husband is a wheelchair user I have grave concerns about the impact of such events on the available space . Currently crossing the road at the traffic lights works if cyclists obey the signals but the camber of the pavement and use of pavement space by the cafe and cheese shop makes negotiating access to Carlton Avenue difficult and sometimes impossible .,The re is a 2 way cycle lane from the junction to Carlton Avenue which is hazardous for slow moving people with mobility problems and wheelchair users and emergency vehicles can appear at anytime . Given there inherent obstacles it will be difficult even if expressly required for event organisers to provide and maintain appropriate access . The Council had been less than successful verbal .

  2. I worry that this relatively small space, which is bounded by a thoroughfare for cyclists, who do not follow the rules, frequently mounting the pavement and skipping the lights, and which is also a route for emergency vehicles, will result in injury/death to children grown-used to playing there freely. Or even me! Although my antenna are on full stretch whenever I have to cross it.
    Add events in, even without alcohol, will parents then, be as vigilant as me?

  3. The amount of space available is restricted by the permanent seating and flower beds. A maximum capacity of 499 people? There wouldn’t be any room for the event organisers or performers! The need for the cycle lane to be kept open for cyclists and emergency vehicles is paramount and there may be overflowing on to the cycle lanes. At the moment we have been casually monitoring the behaviour of cyclists at the junction, may of whom do not respect the traffic lights, putting children and disabled particularly at risk. A child was recently in an accident with a cyclist. Additionally recently, some children were playing in the closed off area and ran in to Dulwich Village to retrieve the ball. They forgot where they were playing. As a venue I believe the businesses should have a say and this application should not be swayed by a few people who live by the junction and the two businesses that benefit the most from any gathering taking place there. As always, the views of everyone should be taken in to account and openly discussed in a forum – online or not. I just strongly feel this space is not at all large enough for any events attracting a crowd of potentially 499 people.

  4. Half the area outlined on the plan for events is actually the very busy green man pedestrian crossing. This would have to be kept clear. The area is therefore too small for events so the plan is infeasible. All shops and businesses except for two are against the permanent junction closure as it adversely affects their businesses.

  5. Lovely idea to have a community outside space, it is lovely to see the space is being used presently. Hopefully repairs will be made to coloured furniture.

  6. The proposal is impractical as the area available given it is also a junction is too small for events and is a road for emergency vehicles and a pedestrian crossing. Dulwich Park, Belair can cater for events, the Picture Gallery is revamping its ground, perhaps even the orchard could be adopted. We, want to see the junction reopened for traffic to relieve boundary roads including East Dulwich Grove.

  7. The junction needs to be reopened. The congestion in the surrounding streets caused by displacement traffic is at critical levels. The pollution in those areas is dreadful. Yes, there are mor cyclists but many of them ( not all) behave badly. They dodge the lights, continually riding on the pavement ( one cyclist towing 2 children in a box on wheels was cycling from the Hamlet School to the junction with E Dulwich Grove on the pavement this afternoon. No one could pass her without stepping into the road), have no lights on their bikes at night etc. The coloured seating is hideous and the planters not maintained. Most businesses would prefer it to be reopened. This is a conservation area. Why should the residents have to put up with this

  8. As a long time resident, I agree the present arrangement could be better and hopefully will be. Previously I thought it was chaotic, buses and even bigger buses, car and cyclists sharing the square area together with children at peak hours was going to cause a serious accident eventually.
    An outside area where parents from local schools can mingle is a great advantage as is the drastic reduction in emissions outside a junior and infant school.
    I do not comment much but have thought about this a lot


  9. It is hard to believe that this is a serious proposal. A maximum capacity of 499 people in such a small space cannot be serious. The overspill into surrounding residential areas would cause immense disruption. The proposal should be rejected.

  10. It would be lovely to have local events in that space including street vendors. They would need to be carefully positioned since the junction is still open to blue badge holders, ambulances and cyclists. The cycling paths need to be clearly delimited and marked as cyclists often cross the area with the benches (especially those coming from DV turning into Calton Avenue).
    I personally don’t like the rainbow coloured benches – they look like weather-beaten, old nursery furniture- and it would be nice to have smarter benches and colourful flower beds.

    1. The junction is not open to blue badge holders unfortunately. Seriously ill and long term disabled residents are having to make the detour around Dulwich Village to get to hospitals and GPs. Plus carrying on a life already impacted by illness. And we all know about the heavy traffic due to vehicles displaced by the junction closure and the timed closures in the Village. Sadly we are not all able bodied and in a few years there will be many more people physically inconvenienced by this closure. The emergency vehicles – fire, police and ambulance, must never be prevented from using this junction to assist their attendance timings, despite this being the apparent hope of some councillors.

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