What do you think about Southwark’s Sustainable Transport Strategy?

The following email has been received from Southwark Council.

At the end of 2018, you responded to the Movement Plan consultation, helping to shape the direction of transport planning and policy in Southwark. Since then we have seen and experienced a significant change in Southwark and the world. Faced with the realities of climate, health and air pollution crises, we need to act quickly and ambitiously, against a background of declining funding.

So once again we ask for your input when updating our strategies and writing the Sustainable Transport Strategy (former Movement Plan). Our Sustainable Transport Strategy sets out Southwark’s approach to improve people’s experience of travel to, from and around the borough. The consultation survey asks you to share your views and experiences on matters such as; safety, traffic reduction, and cycling.

Read the strategy and respond to our 10 minute survey


Are you under 18 or know anyone under 18?

We would like to increase participation amongst young people in Southwark and have created a survey focused on young people’s experiences. It takes 4 minutes to fill out and you have the chance to win a £20 voucher. Go to https://southwark.typeform.com/youthvoice

Consultation close 5 February 2023

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