Southwark 2030 – we want to hear from you

The following email has been received from Southwark Council.

Would you like to help us hear from your friends, neighbours or community about what they would like Southwark to be like in 2030?

Southwark is a borough of strength, resilience, and ambition. We have shown that when we work together as people, communities and organisations we can face big challenges and do great things in our borough. That’s why we want your help to develop a plan for what you want Southwark to be like in 2030 and what we need to do to achieve your ambition.

It is really important  that we hear from as many people as possible, so we are getting in touch to see if your organisation and the community you work with would like to get involved in talking to us about your vision for the future and how to make Southwark a better place for everyone.

We will be running the consultation from 23 Jan-16 Mar and we want to hear from you and your group. Contact us to discuss the best way of doing this but our ideas are that

  1. We could send you some information and you can lead the conversation with your group
  2. You could run a session but a member of the team comes to listen and help record feedback
  3. We could facilitate a discussion directly

If you are interested in taking part, please let us know by emailing

What you say will be used by the council and our local partners such as health partners, universities, the VCS and businesses to shape what we all do next and how we do it.

A full list of all the ways that you and your community can get involved will be advertised on the Council’s website early in the new year so please do keep an eye out and we will also get in touch to let you know.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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