Dulwich Village Streets for People – Update

Dear members of the Dulwich Village, College Road, Woodyard Lane and affiliated members from Aysgarth Road, Pickwick Road and Boxall Road Residents Association

This note is to provide an update as the Council has now announced a further consultation which includes two proposals for closing Turney Road at the junction with Boxall Road: details of their survey are provided below. You can see the map and proposals at https://consultations.southwark.gov.uk/environment-leisure/dulwich-village-streets-for-people-phase-2/user_uploads/dulwich-village-noticeboards-oct-22.pdf

Unfortunately the current LTN measures have already had serious and detrimental effects to Croxted Road, Burbage Road and East Dulwich Grove in the form of extra and displaced traffic.

Our councillors have agreed to put forward mitigating measures to reduce the traffic volume on Burbage Road. But as yet no such measures have materialised. Should the Turney closure go through, inevitably there will be a further increase on Burbage Road and the smaller roads within the Village which affect our affiliated members.


The Burbage Road Traffic Committee have looked at the Council’s own traffic figures, and an analysis of these figures shows traffic volumes on Burbage Road North are very high and much higher than would be expected in a residential street. Indeed, peak morning traffic volumes on Burbage Road North are only just below the volumes on Croxted Road, a designated A-Road and bus route which we know is very seriously affected by displaced traffic from our LTNs.


From the additional analysis of the traffic figures released by the Council, the Burbage Road Traffic Committee estimate that the proposed closure of Turney Road East could further increase traffic in Burbage Road by around 20%. Inevitably this will affect Pickwick Road, Aysgarth Road and the none blocked side of Boxall Road. The Committee is not supporting either of the Turney Road closure measures.

You can register your view on the latest proposals by completing the survey https://consultations.southwark.gov.uk/environment-leisure/dulwich-village-streets-for-people-phase-2/ survey which closes on 30 October.

You can also send comments to streetspace@southwark.gov.uk

I would be very grateful if you have any views, for you to share them with us at the RA, you can email us direct from the website dulwichra.org.uk. This can be put on to our AGM Agenda for further discussions. Or please copy us in on any email you send concerning these proposals.

Finally, I have asked for a meeting with Council Officers but have been informed one at least is off until after the Survey closes, so I will keep trying to organise a Zoom for anyone who wants to join in. (My third time of asking.) Will let you know.
Bridget Furst

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