Pub in the Park Update

A message from Bridget Furst

Hello everyone

I attended the Stakeholders Meeting for the event which will be held in late June.

Below is the Event brochure. 8,000 tickets have been sold so far. It is planned for there to be an increase in attendance at each session. Nearby postcodes are targeted to ensure most people will walk or cycle to the event.

Several issues were aired. Not surprisingly residents from Court Lane and Court Lane Gardens, who actually did suffer intrusive noise, asked if the site of the event could be moved, but the licence is issued for the specific area used last year. Five noise complaints were received by the Noise Team last year. One CLG resident measured a decibel level of 80 in their garden – the permission is for a maximum of 67 decibels. Unfortunately the contact phone number for the on site person was never answered. The upshot is that this year, we asked for noise monitoring during the event by Southwark officers, and spot checks, rather than phoning a complaint to the Noise Team number and there being no one available and immediate response.

The licence is recurring, so if you have an issue with the event it is important to feed this back to the Council and organisers for their consideration in future years.

A complaint was made that the area of the event was left with many electrical plastic ties and the rep from Pub in the Park agreed to recommend coloured ties that could be seen easily for clearing up.

More locking places for cycles will be provided to avoid cycles being locked to tree guards.

The parking problems in Court Lane and CLG will be addressed and probably there will be ‘no parking’ cones and a marshal checking. Last year many people walked and there wasn’t the problem in College Road we were anticipating.

If the weather is poor the company will use tracking for the vehicles to use during set up and clearance. Nothing can be done about the reverse beeping of the large vehicles – this is safety!

I have the strong impression that if you have other issues the company will be happy to hear from you, or the Southwark Senior Events organiser Charlie Simm, copied in, who is very helpful.

Let’s hope the weather is good and everyone has a great time.


Stakeholder event information

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