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A message from Bridget Furst

I am writing as Chair of our RA but also as the mother of someone who took 25 minutes to get from the DE offices on Gallery Road, to the South Circular when Dulwich Prep London held their Christmas event in December. The traffic was appalling, both in parking badly and selfishly, leaving no room for two way traffic and so building into often quite impatient driving behaviour. Some people got out of their cars to help direct traffic through. There was no traffic control or marshalling. I have seen this myself on other occasions and so this time I took DPL to task. Their Estate Manager Sean Birchnall was on his first event but saw for himself the utter chaos caused for quite a long time because of there being no warnings for through traffic to use College Road, for example.
After a long talk we agreed he would let me know of upcoming events so that at least we can warn locals to avoid Gallery Road. We created this plan to pass on information. I think one side of the road will have no parking allowed and there will be marshals. Please feel free to share feedback with me or Mr Birchnall.
So here it is, for you to share with your RA members.
12 March 2022, Dulwich Prep London Rugby 7s event.
People will start gathering at 7am, and remain for the rest of the day. Over 500 children from many schools, not necessarily local, will be taking part. Southwark Highways, Southwark Parking Enforcement and Cllr Newens have all been informed.

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