Community Fibre update from the Dulwich Estate

Below is an update on Community Fibre from Dominic Joseph, Assistant Estate Surveyor, The Dulwich Estate

I heard back from Community Fibre (CF) just now and they have advised that the current delay is due to the “complexity of some of the buildings with long driveways”. The project team from CF are wanting to make sure everything is completed so when the second fixed installation happens (when the engineer comes out to connect direct to the premises) there are no issues.

I have asked CF to let me know when residents will be able to pre-order a fibre package and they confirmed they will let me know early next week.

Lastly, they have told me they expect to go live on the 17 January, but I am of the belief it will be closer to the end of January based on previous experiences.

I will update you all on the 17 January, but in the meantime if you have any queries or other issues, I may be able to assist with please let me know.

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