Dulwich Review Equality meeting – Older people

If you have not been made aware already, Southwark Council is inviting interested persons to attend an online focus meeting on Friday 6 August at 3pm.

The council wants to hear how the elderly in particular have been impacted by the traffic measures, whether favourably or negatively.
Now is the chance to put forward your views in person.

The full text of the invitation is as below; a link to register for the meeting is included.

You may have participated already in the recent Dulwich Review consultation. Now we want to hear in more detail from older people.

We are inviting you to an online focus meeting on Friday 6th August at 3pm. Register here: https://dulwicheq2.eventbrite.co.uk

Are there ways in which the Dulwich road changes have particularly benefited or disadvantaged older people? Your feedback will help inform the future of road measures in Dulwich and elsewhere in Southwark, and ensure that your voices are heard..

This will be a short focus session over Zoom, led by council officers and colleagues from CAE – The Centre for Accessible Environments.
Register your interest here and the Zoom link will be sent by email on the day of the meeting.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Hamston
On behalf of Southwark Highways

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