Dulwich Village Traffic Measures

Please find below an account of just one household’s experiences of the impact of the traffic measures, which has been sent to Helen Hayes MP.

To Dulwich Village Residents

Subject: Dulwich Village Traffic Measures

Dear Residents.

The traffic changes at Dulwich Village have completely changed our way of life.

We moved to College Road in the early 1970’s. The house was the perfect place to live with easy access to London (where we worked) and yet all the advantages of living in the country – next to a beautiful Park and enjoying the special atmosphere that was Dulwich Village. This way of life we have enjoyed for over 40 years, which in the space of a few months has been destroyed by Southwark Council.
Many people are unable to use public transport. For health and mobility reasons walking a long distance or cycling are not possible . As one example I tried to use the P4 bus but despite being in agony and on crutches, the bus drivers would not let me board the P4 bus at Dulwich Picture Gallery as they had exceeded their passenger limit of 14 people (which is very common during school hours). This rejection by each bus continued for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. As a last resort I tried to get an Uber but they would not accept the fare because Dulwich Village was closed to Northbound traffic and there was a 90 minute delay to traffic using the South Circular Road. As a result, I missed my important pre-op appointment. This is just one example. There have been several.

We need to travel through Dulwich Village during peak hours to attend Medical Appointments, Physiotherapy, and to continue our lives. To travel the opposite way to the South Circular Road adds an average 1 hour to our journey in each direction and with Covid Protocols requiring that all car windows are left open, this means we have to sit for 2 hours a day in terrible car fumes on the South Circular.
This causes further serious health issues. Has anyone at the Council looked in to the health ramifications of forcing us in to harms way?
We are relegated to being “off peak citizens” barred from travelling freely because we cannot cycle or walk.
My brother has a severe brain injury that has left him unable to express his needs. He often has to travel thorough Dulwich Village with 2 cars (one carrying his specialist chair and a second for his essential equipment) – only one car has a blue badge that allows travel through the village!
Every day medical staff have to come to our house to carry out the 24-hour care that he needs to survive.
The Dulwich Village Traffic Measures are causing extreme difficulty to the care team because the long delays created by the restrictions mean they cannot help my brother and reach their other Patients in time to meet their needs.

Two of our carers recently received penalty tickets for driving through the village during peak hours, when they had to deal with their own emergencies. This resulted in heavy fines that they cannot afford to pay.

The present measures are discriminatory, dangerous and divisive. The effects of the Dulwich Village junction closure, and the timed Northbound restrictions around the Village, have
-stopped emergency vehicles getting through at the potential cost of life and property
– discriminated against the elderly, vulnerable and mobility-impaired residents without ever considering their plight
– delayed NHS, Health Professionals and Essential workers during a pandemic, where delays in seconds and minutes can cost lives
– pushed traffic and pollution on to residents and schools in neighbouring streets without proper study as to how they will be impacted
-seriously effected the health and well being of many Dulwich Residents, without due care and consideration

and threatened the livelihood of local shops and businesses who need the support of the very residents that have been ostracised by the council if they are to survive.

The starting point for all parties in any discussions should be that proper provision will be made for all the of the above.

The Council are elected to represent us all and not just the interest groups that currently dominate the debate on how we use our streets.

We have lived here for 40 years. We love our Dulwich Neighbourhood –

Please hear us before it is too late.


We participated in the Traffic Measures Zoom Meetings but we were not able to give our personal feedback due to the Restrictions placed by the Chairman of each meeting.

We are addressing Helen Hayes MP and Southwark Council and Councillors who have introduced the traffic measures.
We believe that the Council has mismanaged the implementation of Dulwich Village traffic scheme and more consideration should have been given to the residents of Dulwich Village and vulnerable groups .

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