Pub in the Park – Update No. 3

As of today – Thursday 10th June 2021 – this event is still scheduled to happen. If the government do not announce  an extension to Covid-19 on June 21 restrictions then presumably it will go ahead.

In the meantime take a look at their website – link below – and think about how this will affect you.  Parking, noise, litter, and perhaps something we haven’t even thought of!

Your committee believe that, if we have complaints about what is affecting us and if we don’t make official complaints this year, there will be no leg to stand on if we try to rein it in next year and the year after, as apparently they have a three year contract.

So these are the contacts if you need them:

Margy Newens, Richard Leeming, Catherine Rose, Andy Simmons, as local councillors, Kieron Williams as Leader of Southwark Council, with their emails.

Robert Roach Dulwich Park Contract and Services Manager:
Will Walpole Dulwich Park Contracts and Services Manager:

Dulwich Park Friends:

Parking office at Southwark Council:

Noise team at Southwark Council:


Pub in the Park Production Office: 0203 728 6433 operational from 22 June – 28 June

Public Order offences such as urinating in the street (this happened at the Picture Gallery events!) report to the local managers dealing with the event – these details not yet available on the website.

The speakers for all the live music are planned to face out from the corner in front of the green lane, with Court Lane Gardens to their left and facing towards eventually the Riding School on the South Circular, and the Golf Club.

Please let us know your thoughts.  This event will spread issues over quite a bit of the area because there is no parking, we don’t know about public toilets, and many hundreds live within the area of the travelling sound potentially  – think what you can hear of the the Founders Day Concert at Dulwich College, or music events in Brockwell Park.

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