Blue Badge holders living within the Dulwich Village LTN

The Council have advised that as from 6 April, Blue Badge holders living within the Dulwich Village LTN boundary will be exempt from local camera restrictions.

Holders of virtual permits are automatically exempt and others will need to apply  to register for an exemption. This will enable them to drive through camera restrictions in their local LTN at any time during the day.

Details of this arrangement, requirements and eligibility have been available on the Council webpage below from Tuesday 06 April 2021:

Blue badge holders will be able to apply for the exemption on the following form:

Blue badge holders within the designated area who already have an AD permit will automatically be exempt from the Dulwich Village LTN restrictions.  Currently there are only five in this area and the Council should be emailing you  to notify you of the exemption.

We are posting this information on our site to further disseminate this information as it seems some badge holders are as yet unaware of this opportunity. The Council will be working with Dulwich Village councillors to help identify blue badge holders in the boundary area and encourage those living within the scheme boundary to apply for this exemption but it does not apparently have the ability to identify those in the specific area of the LTN unless they already hold an AD permit.

Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the permit issue. If you aren’t certain whether you live in the LTN please contact us  by leaving a comment on this site and we will get back to you – click on “contact Us” in the main menu above.

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