Dulwich Residents’ Association AGM Minutes – 4th November 2019

Dulwich Village, College Road and Woodyard Lane Residents’ Association

Annual General Meeting

4 November 2019, in the upstairs room of the Crown and Greyhound, Dulwich Village, at 7pm.


Convenor Bridget Furst

This meeting follows an informal meeting at the same venue on 24 September 2019 when a number of local residents confirmed the need for a Residents Association. This street is a central road of the neighbourhood and is conspicuous by its lack of a residents’ association.

Present: BF holds a list of 23 signatures


1. Apologies: BF holds a list of 8 apologies

2. Adoption of the draft Constitution : the Constitution was adopted. The structure is copied from other local residents’ associations. The streets currently included in the association are Dulwich Village, Woodyard Lane and College Road

3. Should an annual fee be payable? It was felt that there was no need for a membership fee at this time

4. Election of Committee members:

The following were proposed, seconded and elected:

Chairman: Clive Rates

Vice Chair: Bridget Furst

Secretary: Lindsay Rosser

Treasurer (not thought necessary at this juncture)

Committee members (minimum of five)

Richard Cail (special role – website and email

Jane Lyons (special role – adviser on contacting other organisations)

Others to be co-opted as required

5. Any Other Business

Chairman’s remarks

  • The Chair welcomed the inception of the website proposed by Richard Cail,


This will be a valuable reference and repository of documentation. The initial cost was said by RC to be minimal and would be borne by him personally.

  • Membership – membership looks to be well distributed across the span of the current streets in the association.
  • An email address for the association will be provided by virtue of the website and members emails will be data protected. (Of note, there is one member who is not on email.)
  • Debate about the role of social media ensued. It was felt there was no current need for, say, Twitter, but it could be of use in the future.
  • Southwark Council and Dulwich Estates Governors will be informed of the formation of the association, which will give access to planning and other information. Other local bodies such as the Dulwich Society and the Police will also be informed.


Issues that might require attention

The Chair invited suggestions

  1. Street lighting is quite dim and felt by some to be unsafe.

  2. On street parking and blocking of entrances is an issue for many. The possibility of a Controlled Parking zone was mooted.

  3. Relationships with local traders should be nurtured.
  4. The unreliability and irregularity of the BT electronic supply network is a major problem for many. Some residents have already taken action. There is scope for an approach by the association.

  5. School Coaches and Healthy Streets: this is a major issue covering Foundation Schools coach traffic, pollution issues and heavy through traffic and there was lengthy discussion. Bridget Furst agreed to coordinate a response from the association, starting with requesting an update from the Foundation Schools coach liaison.

Summary of Actions

Establish website and email address and related security- Richard Cail and Bridget Furst

Welcome letter to all members – Chair

Inform Southwark Council, Dulwich Estates of the formation of the association – Chair

Consider developing links with local bodies such as local Councillors, Dulwich Traders, the Police/ Safer Neighbourhoods, Dulwich Society

Consider scope for further talks with BT

Contact with Foundation Schools and Healthy Streets and Councillors about traffic and pollution issues – Bridget Furst

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