Rules and Constitution

Dulwich Village, College Road and Woodyard Lane Residents Association – Constitution

Amended version dated 1 November 2020, approved by the AGM on 3 November 2020

1. Name

The name of the Association is the Dulwich Village, College Road and Woodyard Lane Residents’ Association (the ‘Association’, occasionally abbreviated to ‘DVRA’ or ‘Dulwich Village RA’).

2. Aims of the Association

Firstly, to identify, promote and represent the common interests of the residents of the member roads, as defined below.

Secondly, to foster communication amongst residents and to engage, on behalf of residents, with other organisations with the aim of identifying common interests and preserving and improving the facilities, amenities, environment, security and safety of the member roads and their environs for residents and other users of the roads.

Thirdly, to foster friendship and community spirit amongst residents.

3. Membership

Membership of the Association is open to all households with addresses in the road named Dulwich Village, that part of College Road which is north of the A205, and Woodyard Lane, and any other streets which may in due course be co-opted into the Association as set out below (together, the ‘Member Roads’).

Any household with an address in one of the Member Roads may become a member (‘Member’) on application to the Association and in so doing supplying their contact details, including email address, where applicable, to the Secretary. There can only be one membership per household.

As at the date of this document, there is no membership or annual subscription fee payable by members. However, if the Committee decides that a voluntary one off or annual fee is necessary to cover costs and expenses of the Association, the Committee will have the power to levy a reasonable fee per Member. Prior to being levied, any such fee must be approved by Members at a Special General Meeting or the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Membership will end when a Member ceases to live in the Member Roads, or when a Member notifies the Secretary that they no longer wish to be a Member.

A copy of these rules, as amended from time to time, the dates and the proposed agenda of all general meetings of Members which have been convened but not yet held and minutes of such meetings held in the preceding 12 months will be emailed to all Members and will be available on request to new Members.

Residents of roads adjoining the Member Roads which are not represented by any existing residents’ associations may apply to become “Affiliate Members” of the Association. Affiliate Members will receive communications issued by the Association to Members, and will be able to attend and speak at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings, though not to vote at such meetings or to exercise other powers such as the right to call for a Special General Meeting, which are exercisable only by Members.

The Committee may co-opt adjoining streets to become Member Streets, only where all of the following conditions apply to any street proposed to be so co-opted:

  • it is not currently covered by any residents’ association

  • it can demonstrate a majority of households in favour of joining the Association

  • the residents of the streets in the opinion of the Committee share common interests with the current membership of the Association

  • once the street is co-opted, and the new Members included in the membership of the Association, the overall proportion of Members to residences in the enlarged Member Streets will equal or exceed 65%