Dulwich Society

The Society’s aims and objectives are to foster and safeguard the amenities of Dulwich, both in the interests of its residents and the wider local community of which it is a part, and to increase awareness of the varied character that makes the area so special.

Dulwich Streetspace

The official pages on the Southwark Council website. “The Dulwich Streetspace measures were originally introduced in 2020 as Experimental Traffic Orders (ETOs) as a way of encouraging people to walk, and cycle during the pandemic when public transport was restricted. This also helped to support social distancing on our local high streets.”

The Dulwich Alliance

The Dulwich Alliance is an area-wide alliance of local groups, open to residents, traders, businesses, health centres, schools, societies and organisations, set up in December 2020 to ask Southwark Council for a fairer and more socially just solution to traffic problems in the Dulwich area.

The Dulwich Estate

We are The Dulwich Estate, a registered charity established by our founder Edward Alleyn in 1619 to offer educational opportunities to disadvantaged children. As a charity, we focus on education, sheltered homes for the elderly, and providing a place of worship in the community. We invest income from the land and property we own.