Broadband Issues

Can we draw your attention to the link below.

If you feel you would be able to support it, then it will send a message to our councillors about the strength of the reports back you sent to me about the mostly terrible service our RA members receive.
It is easy to add a comment by following the instructions after verifying your email.  Contact us if you would like to discuss this.
I do hope you will have the five minutes it takes, and by the way, you may be interested in the other comments made in our section of the Ward, concerning traffic, pedestrians and schools in particular.  Remember, anyone from the wider area can comment and encourage ideas and actions.  (Not just the people in Dulwich Village Ward.)

Pub in the Park Update

Extract of Licensing Decision on Appeal:

Following appeal on a legal technicality, the application for Pub in the Park has been granted in perpetuity to run first in 2021. The local residents’ concern of disturbance was acknowledged. If any of the licensing objectives is undermined, then an application for a review of the licence can and should be made.

Southwark’s plans for our streets

You may have read in the news, there is a push from the Government and the Mayor of London to adapt roads to encourage walking and cycling and to discourage driving (though the messages on the latter are somewhat mixed).
Councils are being given emergency powers to make changes to their road networks, and we understand that Southwark is planning to announce such changes shortly, including to Dulwich Village.
On the face of it, we would welcome proposals which encourage walking/ cycling and discourage driving, in particular through traffic.
However, while we have no details, we see a risk that Southwark takes the opportunity to implement a part of the Healthy Streets proposals, namely closing off various junctions/roads around us, without implementing any of the (more expensive) mitigations which would protect our streets from displaced traffic.  I would expect that any measures put in place would be described as ’temporary’ but of course, once they are in place, it could become hard to have them removed.
In the short term while traffic levels are low this may not be an issue, but once traffic levels normalise – or indeed, build to levels higher than they were historically as people drive to avoid public transport – we could find our streets suffering from significant displaced traffic.
To this end we have written to Southwark to set out our views – see attached letter.
There is no formal ‘consultation’ or timetable and indeed there are no proposals to consider, rather the measures will simply be announced.
However, we are all free to reach out to Southwark’s representative and express our views, and I would certainly encourage you to do that, in the next few days and hopefully before the proposals are finalised  (see e-mail addresses below).
Southwark has also posted an online survey seeking ideas, again we would encourage you to post your views here
Clive Rates – Chair, Dulwich Village, College Road and Woodyard Lane Residents Association – – – – – – –