Licence Application

Licence Application No 873809 – Megan’s, Dulwich Village – any objections?

A heads-up / reminder that an application for the licensing of the proposed restaurant on the site of the former garage at 25 Dulwich Village awaits objections. The last date for these is 17 December. 

See the following link for details:

There is also detailed information on how to make representations.

 For applications under the Licensing Act 2003, your representation must be based on one of the four licensing objectives, under the Act:

  • prevention of crime and disorder
  • prevention of public nuisance
  • public safety
  • protection of children from harm

Megan’s Deli is applying for a licence for the sale of alcohol (on & off the premises):  Mon to Sun: 08:00 – 23:00 

Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 07:00 – 23:30

 The cafe will seat 122 – 60 of these seats being out of doors. Possibly more standing places.

Broadband Update

As a result of an almost disappeared broadband service in the last couple of weeks, I have this news to pass on to you. I did a snapshot survey and in one hour last weekend I received  these immediate results which are appalling.

  • 6 households with download speeds of 5 or less
  • 4 households with download speeds of 5-6
  • 10 households with download speeds less than 10 ( most nearest to 6)
  • 3 households with speeds of more than 10 (but less than 12)

I would like to redraw your attention to this: and I would urge you all to follow the advice.

The Dulwich Estate is exploring the provision by Community Fibre* of fibre to the home; talks are in progress.  I have also spoken with the Community Fibre reps and the one who is doing the survey work mentioned to me that it is not cost-effective for them to install their services in areas where mainly single dwelling units are present, as some roads have no cabinet, this then leads to requiring extensive trench works with other areas perhaps needing overhead lines. I did point out that our road is straight and has just the one cabinet, the notorious Cabinet 21.  However this news is a bit of a red flag.  I was also told by the rep that  a new cabinet will be required.

 The Estate has promised to keep us up to date with the talks.  Dulwich Estate emailed me this morning: “They are currently surveying your local area to see if there is BT cabling from Cabinet 21 in which case they would be able to push the fibre through the existing infrastructure. We have instructed them to prioritise this location for their services.  Underground BT cables must be in place for this to happen quickly and we will all have a better understanding of that by the beginning of December.”  They will keep me updated.

I contacted Openreach to see if their Cabinet 21 survey has been done yet.  The implication of what my contact there said  is that BT has to upgrade the cabinet first- and we know they want us to pay for that upgrade to hurry that up.  I was told the work is in the early stages, and that the hold up is getting a power supply to the cabinet.  Openreach is waiting to hear from the power company (?) and said “The old copper cabinet which wasn’t fibre enabled wouldn’t have needed one, it’s the fibre part that needs the power to boost the light signals that come down the fibre cable.” 

I have pointed out to both companies that the newer properties served by Cabinet 21 will probably have ducting in place, this should save some of the extreme excavation work.

I’m truly fed up with the broadband service.  I know virtually all of you are too, which is why I have copied in Helen Hayes MP and Philip Jansen CEO of BT.  I have pointed out to him in the past that our small area is surrounded by every single cabinet upgraded; our cabinet is just too fiddly I guess, but that is not what we pay such high charges for – we expect a service at least compliant with the minimum, and to be expected to pay over £48,000 to just be like our neighbours who paid nothing, is inequitable.

I will keep you updated about the Openreach and Community Fibre news.

Please – in the meantime if you have broadband issues take a bit of time to complain to BT if they are your provider, and if they are not able to provide a service you are paying for they will have to compensate you, and also your complaint is actually registered.  Always ask for a diary call back if they come to do work or repairs at your home; this means the person booking the call will have to find out whether you are satisfied with the work and if it has made any difference.

Bridget Furst

Dulwich Residents Association AGM


  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Minutes of first AGM 4 November 2019 for approval.
  3. Committee’s Report: Reports from Chair, Vice Chair (Broadband) and Hon Secretary (PiTP)
  4. Committee Elections for 2020
    • Nominations for the committee must be received by the Secretary in writing at least three days before the AGM.
    • The deadline for nominations is midnight Saturday 31 October.
  5. Possible addition of new streets to the Association
    • Membership on 12 October stood at 77 of 114 households (67.4%)
    • There are in addition 7 affiliate (Non-voting) members, 5 in Pickwick Road and 2 in Mitchells Place.
    • Proposal for approval: amendment of the Constitution giving the committee power to co-opt  adjoining streets which are not currently members of any other residents’ association and that can demonstrate a majority of households in favour of joining the DRA and which in the opinion of the committee share common interests with the current membership of the RA.
  6. Proposal for approval: “house-keeping” amendments to the Constitution, as circulated to Members, to reflect the experience of the first year of operation of the RA. 
  7. The roads measures and ‘our complementary proposal’- Chair to report and invite members to discuss and agree further action.
  8. Future activity – report from Chair/Vice Chair
  9. AOB
  10. Date of next meeting


Southwark Cabinet Meeting – 20th October 2020

Our Chairman, Clive Rates,  was called to speak at the Cabinet meeting on 20th October 2020, along with the petitioner and ‘Clean Air for Dulwich’.  You can see the various speeches and council response here (first item):

Our speech is set out below.

The Cabinet Member for Leisure, Environment & Roads, Catherine Rose (<>) spoke in response, and to set out Southwark’s current position.  In summary, they seem alive to the issues which have arisen and will arise, and have in mind a significant programme of monitoring and engagement, with the possibility of changing and amending the plans in real time in response to ‘feedback, suggestions and alternative ideas’.  They are also planning to work more actively with school leadership teams, recognising the demands that the schools put on the local transport networks.

We do not yet have a date for when the next round of camera restrictions will ‘go live’.  Note that while the published notices talk about the Experimental Orders coming into force on 22 October 2020, it seems that this is a legal date to set the clock ticking on the 6 month consultation period, rather than a date they will physically be up and running.

As always, we welcome feedback from all members as this situation develops.  There will be an opportunity at the forthcoming AGM (3 November) for a broader discussion on this topic.

Dulwich Village RA speech to Southwark Cabinet meeting 20 October 2020

Council leader, Cabinet members, thanks for calling our delegation to speak.  Our residents association represent the roads running north/ south through the centre of Dulwich ward – principally Dulwich Village road and College Road north of the A205.
Our delegation today is 3 committee members and 3 concerned residents representing the south, middle and north of our streets.  Our submission is based on a large number of conversations with our residents, and we believe it fairly represents the balance of their views as well as our own though it has not yet been formally put to a vote.
We support Southwark’s stated aim of reducing through traffic, reducing pollution and making the streets safer for walking and cycling.  We think the steps taken should be fair and proportionate and should be realistic about the effects on our residents, local businesses and on our neighbours.
We questioned the original Village junction closure back in June because we anticipated the chain of events it would set in motion.  Whilst it freed a very small area of all traffic, it has created a lot of displacement, in particular onto Dulwich Village road, and we have many first-hand accounts of the hardship this has caused.  Given this we think Southwark are right to be implementing a restriction on Dulwich Village road to relieve the residents and schools on that road of at least some of this displaced traffic.
However, when we take Southwark’s past and future measures together, we do have concerns as to where they will leave our community.
Firstly, Dulwich will remain divided.  The historic connection between the eastern side of the ward and the western side has been broken by the junction closure, and many of our residents feel this very deeply.  Neighbours who help each other with hospital visits and the like are no longer able to do so or face significant disruption.  Emergency vehicles cannot cross the filter.
Secondly, the various forthcoming restrictions, welcome though they are given where we are, the junction having been closed, will create significant access issues for residents either leaving their homes by car, or getting back to their homes.  These access issues and concerns extend well beyond our residents, to our neighbours living in Burbage, Turney and other affected roads.
Thirdly, we are concerned for the health of our local businesses, given the lack of any provisions for access through the restrictions
Finally, again given the lack of any access provisions, the measures will displace local traffic as well as through traffic.  Whilst we accept that any effort to reduce through traffic will create some displacement, we feel that there is a duty to keep this to a minimum.
Regarding access, we want to be clear.  We are not ‘pro-car’.  However, it’s unreasonable to expect residents always to walk or cycle especially the elderly or infirm.  We also have no interest in creating a closed community in Dulwich.  We want a generous access policy which keeps Dulwich open to our neighbours and visitors from the wider community.
We suggest two amendments to the plans which we think together would get widespread support and ensure a sustainable future.
Firstly, we think that the Village Junction should be re-opened and instead, a westbound camera should be installed where Calton Avenue meets Dulwich Village road.
The combination of this restriction and the various other restrictions already proposed by Southwark would massively reduce traffic across the junction at peak times and thus render it safe for crossing and operable for traffic, as well as discouraging most northbound through traffic from travelling through the Village at peak times.
Opening the junction would allow traffic to flow more normally outside of the restricted hours, and thus get rid of round-the-clock displacement.  It is not at all clear to us why Southwark has taken a measure which has the effect of shutting a street such as Court Lane to through traffic, while at the same time effectively diverting traffic onto Dulwich Village road, a very similar sized road with both residences and schools.
The cameras in combination would ensure that Calton Avenue, in particular, is not subject to northbound or southbound through traffic – a big win given the heavy use of this street by walking and cycling school children.
Secondly, we think an access scheme should be implemented; we appreciate that it may not be possible to do this at the same time as the cameras go live, but we think it should be done as soon as possible thereafter.
There are a range of views as to how wide such a scheme should be but as a committee we would favour a scheme along the lines of that implemented in Hammersmith & Fulham, where access is granted to vehicles registered in Southwark.  This would make sure the scheme targets genuine through traffic only rather than local destination traffic, improving the outlook for local shops and restaurants, and minimising displacement to the streets around us.
We are aware that our Ward councillors have already made strenuous efforts to solve this topic, and we are very grateful to them for that.  However, we do feel that this issue is critical to the scheme’s success and sustainability, and we strongly urge the Cabinet to press officers to come up with a solution.
We hope that you will consider our proposals, which we think are key to winning the support of the local community.  In particular, we have shown our proposal to OneDulwich who have said that if the Council is prepared to discuss it further, they would be happy to take it back to their 1,700 supporters.
Thank you for hearing us out and we look forward to taking questions.