Roads Schemes – What’s next

We have been promoting our proposed amendments the roads schemes in Dulwich, which we think would be of benefit to all of our residents – in particular to get a permit scheme to allow resident access, and to replace the 24/7 closure at the Village junction with a timed closure, to reduce traffic displacement onto our roads.

You have seen the various representations we have made to Southwark objecting to the closure and suggesting alternatives.  We have also been pressing to be involved in designing the forthcoming ‘community engagement/ consultation’ programme which Southwark have said they are designing, with a view to making sure that our voices are properly heard.

Another strand, (which we have raised previously and discussed at the AGM in November), is to reach out to and work with other groups which share similar goals to us.

To this end your Committee has, on behalf of the Association, agreed that we should join a newly formed alliance, the ‘Dulwich Alliance’, which shares substantially the same goals as us, and was behind the petition which we recently circulated calling on Southwark to ‘End the 24/7 closures around Dulwich Village junction and Melbourne Grove and implement an area-wide, camera-controlled permit scheme that allows fair and reasonable access’.  
This petition has reached 500 signatures so will be debated at the next Southwark cabinet meeting on 19 January.
A leaflet from the Dulwich Alliance will shortly be arriving in your letterbox, reminding you of the petition.  Website is

The Dulwich Alliance currently comprises ourselves, The Dulwich Village Association (representing shops and businesses in Dulwich Village, including the Dulwich Picture Gallery), The Dulwich Sports Club,  Melbourne Grove Traders and One Dulwich.  We expect more groups will join over time.

We will keep you in touch with developments – we feel that being part of a much larger group will help get Southwark to listen to us and make changes to fix the problems you are experiencing.  If anyone would like to get involved our work on this or in the Dulwich Alliance more broadly please let us know – there is much to do!

DVRA – formal objection to Village junction closure

We have formally objected to the Experimental Traffic Orders which closed the Village junction – our objection letter, plus covering mail to Councillor Rose, is in the post below.

You will see, we are pushing hard for a solution to the displacement which the junction closure has caused, and to the access issues residents are experiencing due to the lack of a permit scheme.
If you wish to help in this effort, please do make your own objection directly, it needs to be sent in by 17 December to, copied to

Objection to Experimental Traffic Orders – TMO2021-EXP02_LSP Dulwich

Below is the email recently sent by the chairman of the Dulwich Residents’ Association to Councillor Rose at Southwark Council:

Dear Councillor Rose

I hope you are well.  Many thanks for all you and your colleagues are to help people in Southwark with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please see attached our submission formally objecting to the ETOs which resulted in the closure of the junction in Dulwich Village.

I would like to highlight the following:

–       During the OHS Phase 3 consultation earlier this year Southwark showed that Dulwich Village (a residential road) was carrying a far higher level of traffic than the roads around it, and significantly higher than similar roads in Southwark

–       Southwark nevertheless proceeded with the ETOs, which even when combined with the Phase 2 restrictions, act to funnel yet more traffic along Dulwich Village.  We feel that this is deeply unfair

–       In March, our residents association unanimously approved a framework for modelling, monitoring and engagement which could be used to support the OHS measures, and this was submitted to Southwark in our response to the OHS Phase 3 consultation (the resolution is reproduced as an Appendix to the attached objection letter).  This framework could equally be used in the context of the ETOs.  Southwark have never acknowledged these ideas or engaged with us on them, and the current lack of traffic monitoring and absence of air quality monitoring give us grave concern

–       Southwark have decided not to issue permits to residents or others to pass through the restrictions, and this is causing significant hardship for a large number of our residents.  We have included 8 residents’ testimonies detailing how this is impacting people’s lives, which I would urge you to read

–       Southwark have a duty to ensure that residents have reasonable access to their properties.  Following the implementation of the Phase 2 restrictions, necessitated in turn by the ETOs, Dulwich residents report 40 minute detours to return to their own houses by car during the restricted hours.  We do not, therefore, feel that ‘reasonable access’ has been maintained

When we met on 7 October, we presented an alternative to the ETOs, whereby a westbound camera restriction on Calton Avenue would allow the current ETOs to be removed but would also render the junction safe and viable.  If combined with permit access, we think that such an amendment to the measures would achieve the wide community support in Dulwich which the current measures do not have.

We understand that Southwark have decided not to arrange a public consultation on this topic prior to the deadline for objections to the ETOs.  We also note that Southwark’s Cabinet has declined to receive a deputation from us regarding the hardship caused by the lack of permits, and has rejected questions which we requested to put to the Cabinet meeting last Tuesday on this and other topics.

Please can we therefore meet with you, as a matter of urgency, to ensure that the legitimate voice of our residents is heard.


Chair, Dulwich Village, College Road and Woodyard Lane Residents Association

DVRA objections to Phase 1 ETOs FINAL (1)

Licence Application

Licence Application No 873809 – Megan’s, Dulwich Village – any objections?

A heads-up / reminder that an application for the licensing of the proposed restaurant on the site of the former garage at 25 Dulwich Village awaits objections. The last date for these is 17 December. 

See the following link for details:

There is also detailed information on how to make representations.

 For applications under the Licensing Act 2003, your representation must be based on one of the four licensing objectives, under the Act:

  • prevention of crime and disorder
  • prevention of public nuisance
  • public safety
  • protection of children from harm

Megan’s Deli is applying for a licence for the sale of alcohol (on & off the premises):  Mon to Sun: 08:00 – 23:00 

Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 07:00 – 23:30

 The cafe will seat 122 – 60 of these seats being out of doors. Possibly more standing places.

Broadband Update

As a result of an almost disappeared broadband service in the last couple of weeks, I have this news to pass on to you. I did a snapshot survey and in one hour last weekend I received  these immediate results which are appalling.

  • 6 households with download speeds of 5 or less
  • 4 households with download speeds of 5-6
  • 10 households with download speeds less than 10 ( most nearest to 6)
  • 3 households with speeds of more than 10 (but less than 12)

I would like to redraw your attention to this: and I would urge you all to follow the advice.

The Dulwich Estate is exploring the provision by Community Fibre* of fibre to the home; talks are in progress.  I have also spoken with the Community Fibre reps and the one who is doing the survey work mentioned to me that it is not cost-effective for them to install their services in areas where mainly single dwelling units are present, as some roads have no cabinet, this then leads to requiring extensive trench works with other areas perhaps needing overhead lines. I did point out that our road is straight and has just the one cabinet, the notorious Cabinet 21.  However this news is a bit of a red flag.  I was also told by the rep that  a new cabinet will be required.

 The Estate has promised to keep us up to date with the talks.  Dulwich Estate emailed me this morning: “They are currently surveying your local area to see if there is BT cabling from Cabinet 21 in which case they would be able to push the fibre through the existing infrastructure. We have instructed them to prioritise this location for their services.  Underground BT cables must be in place for this to happen quickly and we will all have a better understanding of that by the beginning of December.”  They will keep me updated.

I contacted Openreach to see if their Cabinet 21 survey has been done yet.  The implication of what my contact there said  is that BT has to upgrade the cabinet first- and we know they want us to pay for that upgrade to hurry that up.  I was told the work is in the early stages, and that the hold up is getting a power supply to the cabinet.  Openreach is waiting to hear from the power company (?) and said “The old copper cabinet which wasn’t fibre enabled wouldn’t have needed one, it’s the fibre part that needs the power to boost the light signals that come down the fibre cable.” 

I have pointed out to both companies that the newer properties served by Cabinet 21 will probably have ducting in place, this should save some of the extreme excavation work.

I’m truly fed up with the broadband service.  I know virtually all of you are too, which is why I have copied in Helen Hayes MP and Philip Jansen CEO of BT.  I have pointed out to him in the past that our small area is surrounded by every single cabinet upgraded; our cabinet is just too fiddly I guess, but that is not what we pay such high charges for – we expect a service at least compliant with the minimum, and to be expected to pay over £48,000 to just be like our neighbours who paid nothing, is inequitable.

I will keep you updated about the Openreach and Community Fibre news.

Please – in the meantime if you have broadband issues take a bit of time to complain to BT if they are your provider, and if they are not able to provide a service you are paying for they will have to compensate you, and also your complaint is actually registered.  Always ask for a diary call back if they come to do work or repairs at your home; this means the person booking the call will have to find out whether you are satisfied with the work and if it has made any difference.

Bridget Furst